Upswing In Residential Home Prices

Like many other industries, land surveying is tied to the real estate market (both commercial and residential). As a company that prepares location drawings, I am acutely aware of the decline in the Washington, DC Metro area housing market in recent years. After the global economic downturn, Meridian Surveys witnessed a marked drop in location drawing requests. The explanation was really quite simple. Home sales translate to house location surveys. […]

Welcome To The Newly Relaunched Website!!

If it’s been a while since you visited our website, you will notice we have made a complete overhaul. To be honest the website had been somewhat of an afterthought for years. I convinced Steve (our owner) it was time to get with the program and create a real, polished, meaningful website. With the help of Christian Adams at Sigma Creative, we now have a website of which we can […]