As Built Surveys

A finished product, seldom relates exactly to the original plans in every detail. Usually, unforeseeable difficulties often make variations from the plans necessary, or in some instances variances may occur accidentally that are financially unfeasible to correct. The purpose of an as-built survey is to record these variations. The as-built survey should commence as soon as it becomes feasible, meaning that the actual horizontal and vertical locations of features in the completed project get recorded. This will give the design team the opportunity to amend/update any drawings if they so choose replacing the original area with that of the as-built survey.

Meridian Surveys, Inc. has experience preparing as-built surveys on both residential and commercial properties. A completed as-built survey shows all improvements on a site (buildings, garages, etc.) as well as the orientation of the improvements to the property lines. As- built surveys may also include horizontal and vertical topography if needed. Depending on the needs of your project, Meridian Surveys, Inc. can also prepare as-built surveys at various stages in your construction process.

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