Boundary Surveys

Because the main objective of a boundary survey is to determine the location of land ownership lines, the initial phase includes land records research. Research is conducted at local, county and state agencies and offices for the purpose of locating deeds, plans, maps, wills and other documents defining the location and rights associated with a parcel of land. Most of this research is conducted at the Registry of Deeds, where the current parcel and abutting parcel deeds are traced back in time in order to construct a “chain of title”. This enables the surveyor to understand the original description of the parcel, as well as determine “junior-senior rights” associated with adjoining parcels. With the land records research complete, the surveyor can then construct a picture of what the parcel of land should look like according to the language contained in deed descriptions, as well as other documents obtained during the research. This is referred to as the “record boundaries” of the parcel. A boundary survey is more than just a set of accurate land measurements. Rather, it is a thorough retracing of the title, and analysis of the physical evidence of boundaries, completed according to state board requirements, established legal principles and local standard of care. It is a land investigation, which defines the location, dimensions and area of a parcel of land, along with all rights the parcel enjoys or to which it is subject.

Meridian Surveys, Inc. is very experienced in the preparation of residential, government and commercial boundary surveys. While the technical aspects of the process are the same regardless of the property type, the situation surrounding the work can vary. For example, often times a residential boundary will be ordered due to a dispute between property owners about a property line. Meridian Surveys, Inc. realizes this is a stressful situation and make a point of providing clear easy to interpret drawings and markings in the field. In the unfortunate event the dispute results in litigation, the boundary survey prepared by Meridian Surveys, Inc. will be central to the resolution of the dispute. If needed, Meridian Surveys, Inc. can provide expert testimony if requested by your attorney.

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