House Location Surveys

A house location survey is a quick, inexpensive approach to locate structures and other improvements approximate relationship to the apparent property lines reflected in the deed or subdivision plat. The location drawing satisfies the needs of a mortgage lender and title company. This drawing does not establish actual property lines and under no circumstances should be used for the construction of a fence. The location survey preparation and content is regulated by the state of Maryland.

Since our start in 1991, Meridian Surveys, Inc. has prepared over 30,000 location drawings for transactions in Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George’s and Howard County, Maryland. To say we have experience is an understatement. A location drawing may be the least expensive survey we prepare, but Meridian Surveys, Inc. does not treat it any different than the more expensive surveys. We have a standardized pricing schedule which means our clients are never surprised by the invoice they receive. When in a pinch, Meridian Surveys, Inc. has even completed a location drawing in less than day.

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