Telecommunication Surveys

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made it obligatory that telecommunication companies submit a ‘2C’ Certification for locations where they have installed antennas. Thus, telecom companies need to get such surveys done in order to:

  • Collect precise boundary information that complies with state/city regulations to earn 1A or 2C FAA certifications in order to construct a cell tower. These certifications mention details about horizontal position (both latitude and longitude) of the site structure and height of the structure above mean sea level.
  • Accurately determine Flood-Plain information and comply with the latest FEMA regulations.
  • Telecommunication surveys record and report easement, boundary, zoning, utility, access information and topographical data relative to tower location.
  • Identify new locations and establish/expand customer base.
  • Collect zoning information regarding height restrictions and setback requirements.
  • Better understand the fundamental layout of the typical cell tower site.
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